Watch movies and TV online with the BBC Cinema app

This article first appeared on The Verge.Follow all the latest breaking tech news from around the web.The BBC has launched the first official app for its iPlayer service.The app is based on the BBC iPlayer, a media player that can stream movies and television content, and can also be used to listen to music.This is a welcome development for the […]

FourFourFourTwo’s simulator of sims out for Christmas

The sims are out for a Christmas break, and FourFour two has launched its first Christmas simulator, Simsbury’s home cinema.The game simulates the home cinema experience of simulating a movie theatre, and simulates how you would feel as the movie is playing.“We are creating a simulation that can bring the film home with you, without having to leave the house,” […]

How to get a free screening at the movies with a snobbery

In order to find a decent movie to watch on the big screen, you need to go through the motions, or at least the basics.For example, you might be looking for a romantic comedy, a comedy that features a character that you’d rather watch with a friend than with your own eyes, or an action movie with a twist on […]

‘Giant’ screens in cinemas across the UK to screen ‘Giancarlo’ after ‘War’ film is banned

Walkers Cinemas is to offer tickets to cinemas in England and Wales after ‘Gillian’ was banned from cinemas.The movie, directed by Peter Jackson and starring Bradley Cooper, is a sequel to 2009’s ‘War of the Worlds’ which prompted the film’s ban in the UK.The cinema chain has now announced that they will offer tickets for the ‘Giants’ screening, which will […]

Royal cinemas ‘further improve’ app for poolers

The Royal Cinemas of Australia says it is continuing to improve its free app for people looking to book a cinema room at the moment.The app, which was launched last week, lets poolers check out the movie selection, set up a reservation and book a seat.“The Royal Cinemases of Australia is committed to supporting the needs of our poolers and […]

When will the cinema finally open?

There have been a lot of rumours about a cinema opening soon, and this time, they’re about warwick’s Warwick Cinemas. Warwick’s cinemas are the biggest in the country, and are now the only one in the city. The company is currently building two cinemas in Warwick, one in Northampton and one in Clapham. Its a move which has been planned for some time, […]

How to see movies in the new River Cinema

River Cinema has opened in Washington’s new River Arts District, the newest venue in a neighborhood where the city is looking to revitalize the historic Columbia Gorge.The River Cinema, a theater with a capacity of about 300 seats, opened Thursday night.The first screening is Thursday night, with other shows scheduled for the summer.The River Cinema is owned by the Seattle-based […]

Why do Indian film stars love Indian cinema?

The star-studded cast of Indian films are not just a part of a global cinema industry, they are also ambassadors for the country’s unique brand of cinema.They are seen as the ambassadors of the country and they are given a wide berth to make films.This has been the case with several of the actors, including actors like Deepika Padukone, Shah […]

How to watch a great movie in a park or public place

From cinema to restaurants, the best of street food to street festivals, and a list of some of our favourite cinema locations.