How to watch Bay Park’s new film, ‘The Girl Who Left Home’ (Vimeo)

Bay Park Cinema has just announced its latest release, The Girl Who Leashed Home, a coming-of-age tale starring Elizabeth Banks.Set in a remote British village, the film follows the story of a young woman who moves to a remote rural house in the middle of nowhere.After a brief stint as a housekeeper, she’s sent on a mysterious mission to investigate […]

How to watch films at 4D at home

I was looking for a new home theater system for my home theater, and I came across this article on Silverspot Cinema.The article states that the Silverspots are capable of 4D.I thought that I might want to check it out, so I bought one.I’ve always wanted to try the 4D system, and the Silberspot Cinema seems to be the best […]

How to watch your favourite films online without a cable subscription

Bakersfield’s smitty’s Cinemas baker’sfield is the only local cinema in California to offer a Netflix subscription.However, they’re only available to people who’ve signed up for the service.The smitty was opened on Saturday, November 20th, and it has been selling out.The cinema, which is owned by the Smitty’s family, also runs a cafe and bookshop.It’s a huge deal for the family, […]

How to avoid drive-in theater parking violations in Florida

A drive-through cinema may be a great place to go to relax in the heat of the day or enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own home.But it’s also a place that can get you in trouble with the law.In Florida, drive-ins can be ticketed for violating parking regulations, so if you’re thinking about getting into one, here’s […]

The St Michael’s Cinema, an old-school film-watching experience, is coming to Android devices this fall

St Michael Church, the historic cathedral in Melbourne, Australia, has long been a fixture in Australian life, hosting festivals, parades, concerts and the like.Now, the iconic cathedral is getting a new movie-watching venue in its place.St Michael Cinema, located on a site now owned by the State Government, will feature an 8-screen, 35mm projection screen, an outdoor cinema, and a […]

The crypto gold rush is about to start with Eddies Cinema!

The crypto Gold Rush is now just around the corner.The first two weeks of the year is going to be full of excitement for everyone and we are about to see it from the very start.Crypto Gold Rush has already been around for over a year now and we expect to see the biggest boom for it to be in […]

What’s your favourite ’80s flick? – MTV News

A list of the top 10 movies from the ’80’s.1.The Last Days of Disco – The Rolling Stones (1979) 2.Back to the Future Part II – Marty McFly (1985) 3.It’s a Mad, Mad, & Miserable World – The Cars (1976) 4.Back in Time – The Wizard of Oz (1939) 5.The Terminator – The Shining (1980) 6.The Adventures of Tintin – […]

How to watch your favourite movies in LA Cinemas

The cinema experience in LA is about to get a big boost thanks to a new program.Marquee Cinemas is launching a free, weekly, on-demand movie-watching service, called MARQUEE, on Tuesday.The service, which will run through the end of May, will allow people to watch movies from their phone, tablet, and computer without ever leaving their homes.The service will be available […]

The best films in Germany in 2017

The best film of 2017 is coming to cinemas in Germany.In the weeks ahead, cinemas across the country will open a wide selection of classic German films.A selection of films by Wolfgang Herzog, Fritz Lang and others are due to open in cinemas on May 13.The best films are all set to become available to go home with on May […]

ARClight Movie App is launching a movie theater app with a twist: a movie ticket and movie ticketing option.

The ARClights Movie app is launching on iOS and Android with a free trial for the first year, and a full subscription to the service is available for $10 per month for a total of $20 per month.The app’s developers are calling it the “ultimate cinema app” with a “free cinema experience” in addition to a subscription.The app is not […]