When yelm’s cinema was built, people called it ‘Yelm City’

When yelsm’s Cinema Centre was built in the 1980s, people referred to it as ‘Yellm City’.But this was before the city was known as Yelm.Now the City of Yelms is officially called Yellm.The city is named after the first city of the Australian Aboriginal people, Yellwah.In 1851, settlers came to the area, who settled the area in the 1840s.Over the […]

How to film your own movies

Cinemas have a reputation for having bad reviews, and a lot of them can be attributed to poor marketing, which can hamper their ability to lure new customers.But the latest movie-making trend has some studios making their own movies in a bid to get their brands noticed.In this article, we look at how to film a movie you don’t want […]

Browns to hold preseason game against Raiders at Westgate on Oct. 31

Browns rookie quarterback Marcus OAKDALE will start against the Raiders at the Westgate Cinemas in East Rutherford, N.J., on Oct, 31, the team announced Monday.Oakland opens the season against the Arizona Cardinals on Oct 13 at the Meadowlands in East Meadow, N., and will host the Kansas City Chiefs on Oct 20 at MetLife Stadium in East St. Louis.

When the internet gets bigger, we’re going to get a bigger movie theater

Hollywood is not just about big budget movies, and not just because Hollywood is so large.The internet is changing everything, from film to entertainment.So what does that mean for movie theaters?A lot, it seems.When the world got really big, movie theaters became places for everyone to watch movies.But as the internet is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the […]

Which cameras are worth it?

I’ve been using my Canon 70D for about six months now, and it has been fantastic.In a way, it’s like owning an iPad, which means you can use the camera on a desktop, as opposed to being stuck with a phone and iPad.That’s a big advantage.And with the iPhone XS Max, it might be even better.So I’ve gone back to […]

‘A film about the power of cinema’: Bow tie cinematographers at the Irish film festival

The first of a new series on Bow tie cinema, and a film about how the medium is reshaping the lives of people around the world. This week we spoke to Bow tie Cinematographers and Cinematographer of the Year, Tom Stansfield. Tom started his career at cinemas as a teacher, but it was his first foray into the film industry that took […]

Uber’s UberEATS: A look at the best in the food delivery business

UberEats, the fast-growing app that allows riders to order and pay for their food, is set to launch in Melbourne, with the company promising to bring a new kind of restaurant experience to the city.Launched by former Uber driver Anthony Kneyer in August, UberEAT aims to bring the experience of restaurant dining to the mobile app.Users can order food from […]

When the Saints were just a side, they were an icon – here are five moments that made them stand out

Christian Pulisic scored two goals as the Saints beat Manchester City to advance to the Champions League quarter-finals on Saturday.The Polish striker, 21, was playing for Borussia Dortmund, a side that had won two consecutive European titles, when his goal came after Christian Pulissic had been fouled by Sergio Aguero.It was a goal that, according to a BBC Sport analysis, […]

How to get the best Netflix experience in a Netflix-powered home theater

When you’re on the go, you’ve probably noticed that Netflix doesn’t work in your home theater system.There are various ways to circumvent the limitation, but there are still a few ways to get Netflix to work in a home theater.Read More , but there’s no real-time streaming.

When will you be able to watch the new River Cinema app on your phone?

New Orleans, LA–(Marketwired – Feb 04, 2017)–River Cinema is thrilled to announce that it is adding a new app to its library.The new app allows users to watch live events and shows at River Cinema, the first theater chain in the US.In addition to live events, the app also includes the ability to purchase tickets to the shows, which include […]