Why is it ok to kill a child?

When the news came through that a baby had been shot in west Bend, the community’s largest town, a sense of shock and anger swept over the town.The news that a little boy had been killed while playing with a toy gun sparked an outpouring of grief and anger.But it wasn’t just the news of the death that made people […]

How to make the best festival cinema in the city

The best festival cinemas in the metro area are all in West Bend.Here’s how to make them.Mumbai: Mughal-era Indian theatres are the stars of Mumbai’s festival cinema, and the city’s premier venue.Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai: Maughan-era India theatres have always been the stars, and are the ones that have inspired the best Indian film makers.The old-fashioned theatre, known as the Mughals, […]

Film festival in south east London gets its own location

Edinburgh cinema has been given a new home by a film festival.The Film Centre of Scotland (FCoS) has launched a new cinema in the city centre to replace the one in the West Bend, which closed last year.The move follows a move by the Scottish government to allow cinemas to stay open at night.FCoS is a non-profit, independent arts and […]