Apple’s next-gen Macs are now cheaper than ever

Apple has revealed that its next-generation Macs will be cheaper than their predecessors. “Apple’s next generation Macs come with faster, more powerful processors, more memory, better graphics and more RAM,” Apple’s new Macs page explains.It can work as a desk replacement, a high-performance server, or even as a desktop PC. “The Mac Pro is the ultimate workstation computer.Apple also says its next […]

How to watch the Premier League and the FA Cup this season – in pictures

How to enjoy football at the weekend?If you’re one of those who enjoy watching the Premier Leagues and FA Cups, here’s how to do it this season.There are some important points to remember when watching the FA and Premier League in one go, so here they are: There is no time limit when you’re watching the games but you’ll need […]

Why are you seeing more and more VR games that are entirely on the PC?

We’re seeing more VR game development in PC-centric studios than ever before.Some of these are huge hit titles that were developed on consoles.Others, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, are already available on PC.But a large number of smaller titles are also releasing on the platform.In fact, the PC is now the dominant platform for PC gaming, […]