How to watch Shawano cinema in Australia

I am not a Shawano film buff.I am a film fan, but I am never one to go to a movie theatres or see a movie with a screen full of Shawano.But I can see how it might be helpful to know a bit about the genre.Shawano is a Japanese film, a genre of Japanese cinema known for its strong […]

The St Michael’s Cinema, an old-school film-watching experience, is coming to Android devices this fall

St Michael Church, the historic cathedral in Melbourne, Australia, has long been a fixture in Australian life, hosting festivals, parades, concerts and the like.Now, the iconic cathedral is getting a new movie-watching venue in its place.St Michael Cinema, located on a site now owned by the State Government, will feature an 8-screen, 35mm projection screen, an outdoor cinema, and a […]

When you can get a blood test for a rare condition: the UK’s most expensive test

The cost of blood tests for blood cancers, including leukemia, lymphoma, and other rare diseases has reached £300,000 per patient.The total cost for blood tests to treat a patient with an abnormal blood sample is likely to reach around £300 million, according to research by the British Society for Clinical Oncology.Blood tests for the most common blood cancers are typically […]