Film buffs rejoice over ‘Big Bird’ – The New York Times

NEW YORK — Film buffs around the world were stunned Monday to learn the life-size “Big Bird” statue in a Manhattan cinema has been transformed into a “virtual reality” experience, as its makers say the experience has a profound impact on the way people view film.“Big Birds” has been a fixture in cinemas across the world since the 1980s, but […]

Why are we not at the movies anymore?

A new generation of film buffs is turning away from cinema for good, according to the owners of Century Cinema in Northwood, California.In the last year, the cinema has seen its share of decline, with more than 90% of the current stock of films pulled from the screens.The owners say they’re seeing a new wave of moviegoers who are looking […]

Which films should I watch in the next week?

The following films have been made since the beginning of the year, so let’s see what’s new.1.The Great Gatsby 2.The Big Short 3.Wonder Woman 4.The Artist 5.The Shape of Water 6.The Witch 7.The Wolf of Wall Street 8.The Grand Budapest Hotel 9.Star Wars: The Force Awakens 10.The Theory of Everything 11.The Mummy 12.The Martian 13.The Princess Bride 14.The Imitation Game […]

Why Hollywood’s Oscars might not matter anymore

I’m not a big movie buff.I prefer to spend my time watching TV.But that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit in the darkened room for hours on end and watch something that I can’t get into.Instead, I like to watch movies on the big screen at home.That’s why, as a Hollywood producer, I’m so grateful for the Academy Awards, and […]