How to watch the Premier League and the FA Cup this season – in pictures

How to enjoy football at the weekend?If you’re one of those who enjoy watching the Premier Leagues and FA Cups, here’s how to do it this season.There are some important points to remember when watching the FA and Premier League in one go, so here they are: There is no time limit when you’re watching the games but you’ll need […]

How to install Netflix on your iPad or iPhone

Download Netflix on Apple devices for Mac and Linux users on a Mac or Linux computer or Mac or Windows PC.To do this, go to Settings > Applications > Netflix and select “Restart your Mac or PC.”In Settings, you’ll find an option for “Restore system settings” and “Restores system data.”The last option to “Restoring system data” is “Restored system data […]

How to watch your favourite films online without a cable subscription

Bakersfield’s smitty’s Cinemas baker’sfield is the only local cinema in California to offer a Netflix subscription.However, they’re only available to people who’ve signed up for the service.The smitty was opened on Saturday, November 20th, and it has been selling out.The cinema, which is owned by the Smitty’s family, also runs a cafe and bookshop.It’s a huge deal for the family, […]

The film industry and the film-makers who have made it in Australia

Posted September 05, 2019 08:15:31For the last decade, the film industry has been in the news for the many issues surrounding its growth and impact.But in 2017, it has emerged as a source of contention, especially when it comes to the state of the film market and the films we watch.A few weeks ago, I spoke to film and TV […]