How to watch a game from the comfort of your couch

The Stanley Cup playoffs have taken their toll on the NHL’s marketing and sales departments.The league is no longer able to play its games at any venue it chooses.And it may be too late to stop this trend.According to a new report from the Canadian Media Research Group, the NHL has lost about $9 million a year in revenue since […]

When will the cinema finally open?

There have been a lot of rumours about a cinema opening soon, and this time, they’re about warwick’s Warwick Cinemas. Warwick’s cinemas are the biggest in the country, and are now the only one in the city. The company is currently building two cinemas in Warwick, one in Northampton and one in Clapham. Its a move which has been planned for some time, […]

Warwick’s cinema returns to the cinema

Cinema Warwick has officially returned to the cinemas after being mothballed and sold in 2013.The London-based theatre company said on Wednesday that it had “brought back to the screens” its “long-awaited” film festival, The Warwick Film Festival, which is scheduled to run from February to May.The festival, which was cancelled by the company last October, was due to include a […]