What you need to know about the upcoming cinema chain starring Brad Pitt

Hollywood has long been known for the big-screen, high-end releases of the likes of Avatar, Titanic and Transformers.But what is the future of cinema, really?It all depends on who you ask, as it turns out, as the movie business in Australia has recently been hit by a rash of bad reviews.With a new crop of films coming out each week, […]

How the Nightmare Film Became the Nightmare Movie: ‘The Night Before Christmas’

What began as a movie about a bunch of holiday-obsessed children has become a nightmare.The film was initially released in 1995, and since then it’s been in theaters and streaming on Netflix.Its premise is simple: five kids who are all on a camping trip to visit Santa, all of them have dreams about him.“The Night before Christmas” follows these kids […]

How to find the best haunted movie theater in America

A haunted movie is a movie that scares you in a way that other movies can’t.It’s a movie where you get goosebumps and you’re like, “Oh, I can’t believe this is happening to me.”You can’t take your eyes off it for too long, and that’s what makes it so good.It just doesn’t happen for anyone else.You have to do it […]

The Nightmare Cinema Cafe: Here’s Where To Find The Best Roo 10 Cinemas

I’ve seen the Nightmare Cinema Cinema Cafe and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’ve been craving some delicious food and a night out in Edinburgh.They’re located at the back of the main cinema theatre, behind the food court and behind the bar, and offer a variety of local eats, drinks and snacks for every taste.For those who are in […]