What’s going on with the Shenango Valley Cinemas?

The Shenango, CA, theater chain is closing its five movie theaters and shutting down its cinema chain.The cinema chain said Tuesday it will close all of its cinema locations, including those in the area of Santa Cruz, and will close down its two other film houses.The cinema chain is shutting down the following three movie houses: The Great American Movies […]

Film: ‘Funny Girl’ premieres in UK, Ireland, New Zealand

Film: “Funny Girls” opens in the UK on Thursday, the Irish Film Institute has announced.The film, a remake of a 2009 French-Canadian comedy, stars Emma Watson, Elle Fanning, Emma Stone and Julia Roberts.It is set in a dystopian world where women are forced to wear masks in order to stay alive.Director and writer-director Tim Burton (Batman Forever, The Nightmare Before […]