How to find the best films for your budget

A film that’s the same budget as your home cinema?Don’t look for the cheapest version on the website.The same budget films from around the world can have drastically different costs depending on where you live, says film producer Peter Eriksson, who has worked on movies such as The Hurt Locker and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.“If you look at […]

How to take advantage of this huge Microsoft deal in India with a free Microsoft Store app

Microsoft has announced it will offer a free online store to Indians for the first time in 2018.The Indian government has also decided to create an app store for Indians.The announcement comes a day after the UK government announced it would start to offer free online video service on its platforms.Microsoft also announced its own app store in India earlier […]

The St Michael’s Cinema, an old-school film-watching experience, is coming to Android devices this fall

St Michael Church, the historic cathedral in Melbourne, Australia, has long been a fixture in Australian life, hosting festivals, parades, concerts and the like.Now, the iconic cathedral is getting a new movie-watching venue in its place.St Michael Cinema, located on a site now owned by the State Government, will feature an 8-screen, 35mm projection screen, an outdoor cinema, and a […]