How to watch your movies in Linway cinema

If you’re going to watch a movie at Linway, you’re better off getting there early and planning ahead.There are several screenings in the downtown area of New York City each night, including the popular The Lion King.Here are some tips for getting there.1.Get there early Linway’s movies are only available for a limited number of seats, so if you’re not […]

Roadhouse Cinema launches Cinema Apk, Firestick and Linway Cinema apps

Cinema Apks is a free, open source app that lets you download movies to your Android device.The apps come with a variety of preloaded movies from cinema chains like Bollywood, Riddick, and Star Wars.Cinemas like the iconic Roadhouse Cinemas can use Cinema ApK as well, which is available for Android devices running KitKat or above.These apps also allow users to […]