Why is the Edinburgh film festival getting a major boost?

Edinburgh film festivals are receiving a major shake-up as a new generation of films are arriving to the city’s screens.Cinemas will be able to host more films this year, but the main focus will be on the films of the new generation.The Edinburgh Film Festival (EFF) announced on Thursday it would bring back the Edinburgh Cinema Festival in 2019 and […]

How to watch your favourite movies in LA Cinemas

The cinema experience in LA is about to get a big boost thanks to a new program.Marquee Cinemas is launching a free, weekly, on-demand movie-watching service, called MARQUEE, on Tuesday.The service, which will run through the end of May, will allow people to watch movies from their phone, tablet, and computer without ever leaving their homes.The service will be available […]

Leitersberg Cinema is one of the first cinemas to take on digital rights management

Leittersberg, Belgium, February 21, 2019–Leitersberg Cinema, one of only two cinemas in the world that is also the only cinema in Belgium to operate under a digital rights-management agreement, announced today that it has agreed to a digital-rights-management contract with Google, Google’s cloud-based platform, for use of its video content and the Google Maps navigation system.“We are delighted to be […]