Which local cinema will become the next Independence cinema?

The Independence Cinema, a new film about independence from Britain, has been given a green light by its owners after it received more than 60 nominations.The film was one of the first to receive the accolades, and it received three nominations, including best picture.The finalist, David Fincher’s “Boyhood,” received four.The films will be released on August 15.

Movie theater chain in Nashville is suing over its policy banning transgender customers

Two days after the theater chain Evans Cinemas in Nashville was ordered to remove a policy that banned customers who identify as transgender from using the women’s bathroom, the theater owner says it is now considering litigation.The decision by the state Board of Equalization to revoke the permit is not the end of the saga, said Chris Evans, president of […]

The most interesting quotes from all of the top quotes from the weekend in sports

There’s a certain amount of hype surrounding the NFL, but it’s worth noting that the game itself has been very good for the sport of football.While the ratings have been low for years, the games have consistently drawn more than double the audience of the Super Bowl.And if you’re watching NFL games at home, there’s little reason to be skeptical […]