Southgate Cinema to launch online streaming service in January 2018

Southgate, Texas, Feb. 20, 2018 — Southgate Cinemas, which will operate in the Texas state capital, is to launch an online streaming video service in December, The Dallas Morning News reported.The company is planning to open the service in late January, and is currently working on the deal with major Hollywood studios.The service, which is set to launch in the […]

The crypto gold rush is about to start with Eddies Cinema!

The crypto Gold Rush is now just around the corner.The first two weeks of the year is going to be full of excitement for everyone and we are about to see it from the very start.Crypto Gold Rush has already been around for over a year now and we expect to see the biggest boom for it to be in […]

Why do Indian film stars love Indian cinema?

The star-studded cast of Indian films are not just a part of a global cinema industry, they are also ambassadors for the country’s unique brand of cinema.They are seen as the ambassadors of the country and they are given a wide berth to make films.This has been the case with several of the actors, including actors like Deepika Padukone, Shah […]