How to Watch Cinemas in the Fairchild Way, Here’s How to See Them in Your Neighborhood

Movie theaters are an increasingly popular and accessible place to watch movies.There are currently more than 70,000 movie theaters in the U.S. and over 50,000 in the nation as a whole.The Fairchild Cinemas and Cinema Meaning in New York is the newest and largest of the chain’s cinema locations.But when it comes to its newest movie theater, you have to […]

South Bend cinema to open on Nov. 11, 2016

Northwoods Cinema is expanding its footprint in South Bend and the surrounding area by opening its first movie theater in Northwood.The company, which specializes in independent films, announced plans to open its Northwood location in late 2017, and plans to have 10 theaters in the city.Northwoods will open a second location in the South Bend area by the end of […]

Bose Cinemate HD is getting a lot of attention

Bose Cinema HD is set to debut this year in cinemas across the US, Canada and Australia.The new movie theater-style audio player from Bose is set for release in November, and will cost $150.Bose Cinema has previously released audio-only versions of its products including Cinema 4.0, Cinema 4K and Cinema 3D.Cinema 3D has a large catalog of high-end video content […]

How to download HBO Now, HBO Go and HBO NOW Plus from the Netflix app

New episodes of Netflix are available to stream for free from the app’s Netflix app.The app now has all of the original series from the hit HBO show Game of Thrones in its catalog and will also be adding new series from Game of Life, The Walking Dead, Homeland and others.The app now includes all the original episodes of The […]

Hollywood, Amazon to stream the movie ‘The Martian’ at Netflix

A few months ago, we announced a deal with Amazon Prime Video to stream some of the movie “The Martian” on their streaming service.But Amazon has decided to make the movie available on its own site, instead of just on the streaming service, and Amazon will also stream the film in HD at 30 frames per second.The move is a […]