How to use an encrypted app to watch movies free app

A new free app that encrypts movie content on Google Play will be available in India in March 2018, with its official launch set for March 10.A user can download the free app dubbed ‘Movies for All’ on Android from the Play Store, and will be able to stream and watch movies through its mobile app.Users will be prompted to […]

‘Giant’ screens in cinemas across the UK to screen ‘Giancarlo’ after ‘War’ film is banned

Walkers Cinemas is to offer tickets to cinemas in England and Wales after ‘Gillian’ was banned from cinemas.The movie, directed by Peter Jackson and starring Bradley Cooper, is a sequel to 2009’s ‘War of the Worlds’ which prompted the film’s ban in the UK.The cinema chain has now announced that they will offer tickets for the ‘Giants’ screening, which will […]

Royal cinemas ‘further improve’ app for poolers

The Royal Cinemas of Australia says it is continuing to improve its free app for people looking to book a cinema room at the moment.The app, which was launched last week, lets poolers check out the movie selection, set up a reservation and book a seat.“The Royal Cinemases of Australia is committed to supporting the needs of our poolers and […]