Which of these movies are you going to watch this weekend?

Cinema 4 is coming back, but you may not have seen the big screen yet.The new movie theatre in Calgary has already been sold out for the summer season, and we’ve already seen plenty of other major blockbusters.What’s next?We have to get some screenings on the weekend before the new film is released, and I think the movie festival we’re […]

Bose Cinemate HD is getting a lot of attention

Bose Cinema HD is set to debut this year in cinemas across the US, Canada and Australia.The new movie theater-style audio player from Bose is set for release in November, and will cost $150.Bose Cinema has previously released audio-only versions of its products including Cinema 4.0, Cinema 4K and Cinema 3D.Cinema 3D has a large catalog of high-end video content […]

When you can get a blood test for a rare condition: the UK’s most expensive test

The cost of blood tests for blood cancers, including leukemia, lymphoma, and other rare diseases has reached £300,000 per patient.The total cost for blood tests to treat a patient with an abnormal blood sample is likely to reach around £300 million, according to research by the British Society for Clinical Oncology.Blood tests for the most common blood cancers are typically […]