‘Regal Cinemas’ stocks up, but will have to pay big price for its new digital cinema app

Habersham Hills Cinema, which owns Regal Cinemases in the UK, is the latest retailer to roll out its own digital cinema apps, and it’s not the first to do so.However, the app is much more ambitious than Regal’s predecessor.Here’s how the company describes its new app: “In this app, customers can discover new movies and TV shows, access new movie […]

Apple’s next-gen Macs are now cheaper than ever

Apple has revealed that its next-generation Macs will be cheaper than their predecessors. “Apple’s next generation Macs come with faster, more powerful processors, more memory, better graphics and more RAM,” Apple’s new Macs page explains.It can work as a desk replacement, a high-performance server, or even as a desktop PC. “The Mac Pro is the ultimate workstation computer.Apple also says its next […]

Browns to hold preseason game against Raiders at Westgate on Oct. 31

Browns rookie quarterback Marcus OAKDALE will start against the Raiders at the Westgate Cinemas in East Rutherford, N.J., on Oct, 31, the team announced Monday.Oakland opens the season against the Arizona Cardinals on Oct 13 at the Meadowlands in East Meadow, N., and will host the Kansas City Chiefs on Oct 20 at MetLife Stadium in East St. Louis.

How to use Flippers Cinema to find free movies online

Flippers cinema offers movies that are not available on the Apple Cinema App, such as the animated film Zootopia and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.You can watch movies on Flippers without needing to buy anything.But Flippers also has a movie rental app, and you can rent movies on that app for an app-free movie-going experience.But you can also rent movies at […]

Hollywood has more to offer than you think

In the world of movies, there are a lot of movies.The number of movies being made each year has been on the rise, but the ones that are getting made have become more niche.With so many movies in the pipeline, the studios have had to find ways to attract them to theaters, and one of those ways is to bring […]

How to Watch Cinemas in the Fairchild Way, Here’s How to See Them in Your Neighborhood

Movie theaters are an increasingly popular and accessible place to watch movies.There are currently more than 70,000 movie theaters in the U.S. and over 50,000 in the nation as a whole.The Fairchild Cinemas and Cinema Meaning in New York is the newest and largest of the chain’s cinema locations.But when it comes to its newest movie theater, you have to […]

How to watch the Premier League and the FA Cup this season – in pictures

How to enjoy football at the weekend?If you’re one of those who enjoy watching the Premier Leagues and FA Cups, here’s how to do it this season.There are some important points to remember when watching the FA and Premier League in one go, so here they are: There is no time limit when you’re watching the games but you’ll need […]

How to get rid of your house in China?

When you’re looking to make your home more livable, the last thing you want is a home that has an expensive, high-end exterior.But that’s exactly what many are finding themselves doing, because of the country’s rapidly rising property prices.As property prices soar, many in the country are finding that they can no longer afford to live in their homes, either.That’s […]

When the internet gets bigger, we’re going to get a bigger movie theater

Hollywood is not just about big budget movies, and not just because Hollywood is so large.The internet is changing everything, from film to entertainment.So what does that mean for movie theaters?A lot, it seems.When the world got really big, movie theaters became places for everyone to watch movies.But as the internet is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the […]

The Rise and Fall of Regal Cinemas

Regal has lost its cinema empire to Sony and has announced it will be exiting the UK and Ireland in 2019.It will be shutting down cinemas across the UK, Ireland and Scotland in 2019, with its cinema chain closing in Scotland.The company announced it would be closing the Irish cinemas from June 2019.The Scottish cinemas will be closed in 2019 […]