Movie theatre in Houston’s Midway has to close due to pollution

A movie theatre in downtown Houston has to shut down due to the pollution from the city’s booming petrochemical industry.Al Jazeera’s David Beasley reports from Houston.

Warwick’s cinema returns to the cinema

Cinema Warwick has officially returned to the cinemas after being mothballed and sold in 2013.The London-based theatre company said on Wednesday that it had “brought back to the screens” its “long-awaited” film festival, The Warwick Film Festival, which is scheduled to run from February to May.The festival, which was cancelled by the company last October, was due to include a […]

Why do Indian film stars love Indian cinema?

The star-studded cast of Indian films are not just a part of a global cinema industry, they are also ambassadors for the country’s unique brand of cinema.They are seen as the ambassadors of the country and they are given a wide berth to make films.This has been the case with several of the actors, including actors like Deepika Padukone, Shah […]

How to get to the top of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

If you’re a fan of the new movie The Fifth Element, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the film in a new opening at Regal Cinemas in Los Angeles on Wednesday.The new film is a remake of the 1991 film starring Emma Stone and Mark Wahlberg, but the original version starred Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, […]

How to watch The Martian without the aid of a smartphone

How do you make the best use of your phone when watching a sci-fi movie?That’s the question that came to mind when we sat down with James Cameron to discuss the sci-Fi classic The Martian.We’ve already shared the details about the movie in this post, and we’re sure you’ll be intrigued by what the film’s creator has to say about […]

How to watch Israel’s largest movie theater in a hurry – and how to avoid the crowds

The movie theater is open for business in Israel, but its crowds are so heavy that it is difficult to get in.If you’re hoping to watch the latest “The Martian,” the first movie of the Martian trilogy, you’ll have to go through a lengthy line to get into the lobby of the Movie Palace.The lobby of The Israel Cinemas, located […]

How to watch a great movie in a park or public place

From cinema to restaurants, the best of street food to street festivals, and a list of some of our favourite cinema locations.

How to watch a movie with just a smartphone

There are a number of reasons to use a smartphone in cinemas.It’s an alternative to having to stand in line at the cinema, it’s a way to catch up on your favorite TV shows and movies without having to worry about your phone.It also offers an unprecedented amount of convenience: You can take your phone to the cinema and not […]