How to find the best films for your budget

A film that’s the same budget as your home cinema?Don’t look for the cheapest version on the website.The same budget films from around the world can have drastically different costs depending on where you live, says film producer Peter Eriksson, who has worked on movies such as The Hurt Locker and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.“If you look at […]

How to install the apk on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphone

In a nutshell, the new version of Samsung’s Android Oreo app can be installed using a quick pop-up.In the first place, the Galaxy S9 will install it on its own.After that, the developer can choose to install it directly from the Play Store or the Play Services app.After all, the latest version of the app already comes with an app […]

‘The Walking Dead’ has hit $1 billion in the US thanks to ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘The Lego Movie’ – CinemaScore

Hollywood films are still king when it comes to box office success, but for the past 12 months The Force Awakens has made $1.5 billion in America.That’s nearly four times the previous record for a film from Disney, and it’s the second biggest domestic box office haul of all time behind only Furious 7’s $1bn haul in 2019.“It’s really an […]

‘Regal Cinemas’ stocks up, but will have to pay big price for its new digital cinema app

Habersham Hills Cinema, which owns Regal Cinemases in the UK, is the latest retailer to roll out its own digital cinema apps, and it’s not the first to do so.However, the app is much more ambitious than Regal’s predecessor.Here’s how the company describes its new app: “In this app, customers can discover new movies and TV shows, access new movie […]

The Rise and Fall of Regal Cinemas

Regal has lost its cinema empire to Sony and has announced it will be exiting the UK and Ireland in 2019.It will be shutting down cinemas across the UK, Ireland and Scotland in 2019, with its cinema chain closing in Scotland.The company announced it would be closing the Irish cinemas from June 2019.The Scottish cinemas will be closed in 2019 […]

How to Build a New Cinema from Scratch

Posted by Next Big Focus on March 15, 2018 05:03:25We’ve seen the rise of virtual reality in the past few years, but in this post we’re going to look at a method of building a new cinema from scratch that’s a bit different than other methods.First, let’s look at the basics of what’s needed to build a virtual cinema.If you’re […]

What is the Roadhouse Cinemas Trailblazing?

The Roadhouse Cinema Trailblazers have been quietly transforming the Arizona landscape.This past spring, the Arizona Association of Theatre Owners (AATO) launched a program called “Roadhouse Week” to celebrate the cinema and the unique film industry in the state.In 2018, the AATO awarded Roadhouse Week awards to the five films that received the most nominations and awards in each category, and […]

India: What movie is missing from the list?

A number of films and TV shows have been left off the list of Indian films and shows that will be available on the internet on September 15.The National Council of Film Certification has approved the list in a move that has seen many popular Hindi films including Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Aarathi’, Salman Khan’s Shah Rukhan: King of Kings and […]

Why do you like to watch movies at the theater?

The majority of moviegoers are watching movies at home, and the vast majority of people are watching them in the theater.But the majority of movies are actually being played at the movies, which is where it starts to become a little bit complicated.Here are the basics of how movies are being played in the home, by the people playing them.1.The […]

Movie theater chain in Nashville is suing over its policy banning transgender customers

Two days after the theater chain Evans Cinemas in Nashville was ordered to remove a policy that banned customers who identify as transgender from using the women’s bathroom, the theater owner says it is now considering litigation.The decision by the state Board of Equalization to revoke the permit is not the end of the saga, said Chris Evans, president of […]