India: What movie is missing from the list?

A number of films and TV shows have been left off the list of Indian films and shows that will be available on the internet on September 15.The National Council of Film Certification has approved the list in a move that has seen many popular Hindi films including Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Aarathi’, Salman Khan’s Shah Rukhan: King of Kings and […]

Why do you like to watch movies at the theater?

The majority of moviegoers are watching movies at home, and the vast majority of people are watching them in the theater.But the majority of movies are actually being played at the movies, which is where it starts to become a little bit complicated.Here are the basics of how movies are being played in the home, by the people playing them.1.The […]

Movie theater chain in Nashville is suing over its policy banning transgender customers

Two days after the theater chain Evans Cinemas in Nashville was ordered to remove a policy that banned customers who identify as transgender from using the women’s bathroom, the theater owner says it is now considering litigation.The decision by the state Board of Equalization to revoke the permit is not the end of the saga, said Chris Evans, president of […]

What is the new ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’?

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How to watch your movies in Linway cinema

If you’re going to watch a movie at Linway, you’re better off getting there early and planning ahead.There are several screenings in the downtown area of New York City each night, including the popular The Lion King.Here are some tips for getting there.1.Get there early Linway’s movies are only available for a limited number of seats, so if you’re not […]

Why are you seeing more and more VR games that are entirely on the PC?

We’re seeing more VR game development in PC-centric studios than ever before.Some of these are huge hit titles that were developed on consoles.Others, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, are already available on PC.But a large number of smaller titles are also releasing on the platform.In fact, the PC is now the dominant platform for PC gaming, […]

How to get the best cinema experience in Sydney

Cinemas in Sydney are one of the best places to watch movies in Australia, but the city’s top attractions can’t be found anywhere else.A new survey of more than 1,500 people in Australia found that the majority of Australians don’t feel like they’ve got the best out of their favourite places to experience the moviegoer.“Cinemagoers tend to go where they […]

The world’s best independent cinema festival: A look at the best films from around the world

Smithfield is a sleepy town in central New South Wales, but the city is full of festivals and it has been a favourite for years.Here’s a look at some of the best festivals in Australia, from one city to the next.Smithfield Festival of New South, New South Wollongong, NSW – 5.5 stars This year’s festival takes place in the heart […]

Roadhouse has a great new concept for its ‘roadhouse cinema’ concept

TUCSON, Australia — Roadhouse Cinemas has a new concept concept for their upcoming film festival, which will feature some of Australia’s best known street performers.The theme of the festival, The Roadhouse Cinema, will be “roadhouse and street”.The film festival is part of Roadhouse Media’s ongoing efforts to expand into the world of international cinema, and is a joint venture between […]

How a New Movie Became an Icon for Hollywood

The movie industry has long had a history of cultural appropriation and has a longstanding tradition of making movies based on popular culture.But in 2017, the cultural appropriation of a popular movie and the media attention that came with it began to come under scrutiny.The story of How to Train Your Dragon 2 was a case in point.The film’s original […]