When the world’s biggest movie stars come together for a movie theater screening

When I first got to meet Oscar Pistorius, I was surprised to learn that he wasn’t a movie star, but that he was a sports fanatic.He had a tattoo on his right forearm, a sign of his devotion to the sport he loves.Pistorius has been in prison since his trial on charges of murder and attempted murder in the 2012 […]

Why Hollywood’s Oscars might not matter anymore

I’m not a big movie buff.I prefer to spend my time watching TV.But that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit in the darkened room for hours on end and watch something that I can’t get into.Instead, I like to watch movies on the big screen at home.That’s why, as a Hollywood producer, I’m so grateful for the Academy Awards, and […]

Which of the six most iconic films is most likely to win Best Picture?

One of the great pleasures of cinema is watching the stars come together for a great movie.It is a rare event that can happen with no previous knowledge of the actors or the director, but that is exactly what happened at the premiere of ‘The Best of Stanley Kubrick’ in the north of England on Saturday night.It was a rare […]

How to watch a movie at the cinema at home

The cinema is here to stay.The greendale film festival continues to thrive in its fourth year.And it’s no coincidence the city is home to one of the nation’s largest film festivals.Here’s how to watch your favourite films at home.Read more: “There’s a certain amount of excitement and anticipation when you come here to see the films.You can’t really sit back […]

How to watch the World Cup 2019

Blackmagic Cinema Camera has released the official list of movies available at its premiere cinema in Rivertown, Lubbock Texas.The list, which includes a few classic favorites including, the last three World Cup films, and several brand new titles, is available for pre-order at the Blackmagic cinema from December 3rd through January 5th.In total, there are four different movie selections available […]

How to watch the film of the year at cinema cafe Edinburgh

Movie-goers in Edinburgh can now stream the latest film on their Netflix account from any of the city’s cinema cafes.The service was launched earlier this month and is now available across the city.The app, which was created by the Edinburgh Film Festival, lets users log into their Netflix accounts to view and watch the films they want.The company says users […]

What’s new at cinemas in Australia?

When it comes to Australian cinema, Camelot Cinemas has got its eye on a major step forward.It’s been given permission to open three cinemas across Sydney’s CBD in what it calls the ‘new cinema experience’.The decision to allow Camelot cinemases is a huge win for the film industry and one that will see it open up the Australian market to […]

Why Amazon Studios won’t bring back its new Hollywood movie, The Mummy 3

The Mummys 3 won’t be coming to Amazon Studios and is instead being made in partnership with Universal Studios.Amazon announced on Wednesday that it was reopening its own cinema, called the Loft Cinema, with the help of Universal.The move is a clear sign that Amazon Studios, which had shuttered its existing film studio in 2015, is working on a new […]

How to choose the right movie theater for a home movie theatre

The choice is yours.Choosing a movie theater is a complicated task.Some theaters offer many movies, some offer limited offerings, and some are all-inclusive.If you’re looking for something specific, you can find a theater near you by visiting www.mnt.com/cinema.Some of the best movies and shows to go to in the summertime include:• Bambi: The Musical• The Dark Knight Rises• The LEGO […]

Which movie theaters are worth your cash?

Regal Cinemas stock: The theater chain’s stock has soared, from $1.26 per share at the end of September to a new high of $1,266 per share today.The stock has also risen in value over the last few days. The stock rose by 25.8% in the past 24 hours to $1 (adjusted for currency) or more than $7 billion, making it the largest […]