The Nightmare Cinema Cafe: Here’s Where To Find The Best Roo 10 Cinemas

I’ve seen the Nightmare Cinema Cinema Cafe and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’ve been craving some delicious food and a night out in Edinburgh.They’re located at the back of the main cinema theatre, behind the food court and behind the bar, and offer a variety of local eats, drinks and snacks for every taste.For those who are in […]

How to avoid ‘bald-faced’ video cinema locations

How to be safe while watching movies in Australia’s big four big four video rental chains, Prime Video, Vudu and Netflix, are among the most common places to get into trouble for people who look different, according to research released today.The ABC found a fifth of all Australians had an online video-rental account with a password that allowed access to […]


Posted December 14, 2017 06:21:00In 2016, the state of Victoria officially announced that it would be hosting the 2017 Victoria Cinemas Cinema Grade competition in 2020.The Victorian State Council has been working with the producers of the competition to make sure they can get their production up and running as soon as possible.“We have been working closely with the Victorians, […]

How to install Netflix on your iPad or iPhone

Download Netflix on Apple devices for Mac and Linux users on a Mac or Linux computer or Mac or Windows PC.To do this, go to Settings > Applications > Netflix and select “Restart your Mac or PC.”In Settings, you’ll find an option for “Restore system settings” and “Restores system data.”The last option to “Restoring system data” is “Restored system data […]

How to find a good movie theatre in the UK

We’ve got a long list of the best movie theatres in the world, but what if you wanted to watch a movie at a different location, or for different reasons?With a little digging, we’ve found out a little more about the best cinemas in the country.We’ve rounded up some of the top UK movie theatresses, from the best to the […]

How to make the best festival cinema in the city

The best festival cinemas in the metro area are all in West Bend.Here’s how to make them.Mumbai: Mughal-era Indian theatres are the stars of Mumbai’s festival cinema, and the city’s premier venue.Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai: Maughan-era India theatres have always been the stars, and are the ones that have inspired the best Indian film makers.The old-fashioned theatre, known as the Mughals, […]

Why I’ve stopped going to theaters in Charlotte

I used to love going to the movies.There was nothing else like it in town.But after a year, I decided to take a break and I’ve been gone for two years.I can’t explain it.I just feel sad and I’m angry.I had this idea to see a movie and to see how the story unfolded in the city of Charlotte.I didn’t […]

How to buy a movie theater from the movie theater website

Posted October 15, 2018 07:12:13I am a big movie buff, and when I first heard of AMC’s Cinema Lightbox, I was ecstatic.I have to admit, I thought it was a great deal when it was first announced, especially considering the discounted prices and the free admission to some films I had to cancel.But when I finally tried the Cinema LightBox, […]

How to watch Shawano cinema in Australia

I am not a Shawano film buff.I am a film fan, but I am never one to go to a movie theatres or see a movie with a screen full of Shawano.But I can see how it might be helpful to know a bit about the genre.Shawano is a Japanese film, a genre of Japanese cinema known for its strong […]

‘A real treat’: ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ review

‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ arrives at the Irish cinemas this week with a bang, but the film has been a real treat to the eyes of some cinemagoers.Here, we look back at the movie that was a big deal in Ireland and what it means for the future of Irish cinema.1.Star Wars: A New Hope”The film has a very […]