How to Watch Movies at Home from Apple’s Cinema Grill

When you want to watch a movie from the comfort of your couch, you have to put your iPhone in your pocket.You can now do just that using Apple’s new Cinema Grill.The new app comes with a few neat tricks, including a new “Apple Cinema” menu that allows you to easily customize your movie experience, a “favorite movie” feature, and […]

When yelm’s cinema was built, people called it ‘Yelm City’

When yelsm’s Cinema Centre was built in the 1980s, people referred to it as ‘Yellm City’.But this was before the city was known as Yelm.Now the City of Yelms is officially called Yellm.The city is named after the first city of the Australian Aboriginal people, Yellwah.In 1851, settlers came to the area, who settled the area in the 1840s.Over the […]

What you need to know about the upcoming cinema chain starring Brad Pitt

Hollywood has long been known for the big-screen, high-end releases of the likes of Avatar, Titanic and Transformers.But what is the future of cinema, really?It all depends on who you ask, as it turns out, as the movie business in Australia has recently been hit by a rash of bad reviews.With a new crop of films coming out each week, […]