The best new films from 2017 – The Times Of India

The Times India today reported that the best-selling films of 2017 had been released on December 10 and the best new titles had been screened on December 9.The report said that the top 10 films released on the first day of December 2017 were “Blackfish” (2017), “The Martian” (2018), “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2019), “Moonlight” (2020), “Star Wars: The Force […]

Which movies should you see at your next cinema?

Cinemas are the best places to watch movies, but they can be intimidating for newbies, too.Here’s our guide to finding the best cinemas for you, as well as the best way to see movies at your local cinema.The biggest challenge is finding a good spot to sit down for the first time, and we’ve rounded up some of the best […]