Why Hollywood’s Oscars might not matter anymore

I’m not a big movie buff.I prefer to spend my time watching TV.But that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit in the darkened room for hours on end and watch something that I can’t get into.Instead, I like to watch movies on the big screen at home.That’s why, as a Hollywood producer, I’m so grateful for the Academy Awards, and […]

Which of the six most iconic films is most likely to win Best Picture?

One of the great pleasures of cinema is watching the stars come together for a great movie.It is a rare event that can happen with no previous knowledge of the actors or the director, but that is exactly what happened at the premiere of ‘The Best of Stanley Kubrick’ in the north of England on Saturday night.It was a rare […]

How to get the best Netflix experience in a Netflix-powered home theater

When you’re on the go, you’ve probably noticed that Netflix doesn’t work in your home theater system.There are various ways to circumvent the limitation, but there are still a few ways to get Netflix to work in a home theater.Read More , but there’s no real-time streaming.