Why Amazon Studios won’t bring back its new Hollywood movie, The Mummy 3

The Mummys 3 won’t be coming to Amazon Studios and is instead being made in partnership with Universal Studios.Amazon announced on Wednesday that it was reopening its own cinema, called the Loft Cinema, with the help of Universal.The move is a clear sign that Amazon Studios, which had shuttered its existing film studio in 2015, is working on a new […]

What is the new ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’?

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How to choose the right movie theater for a home movie theatre

The choice is yours.Choosing a movie theater is a complicated task.Some theaters offer many movies, some offer limited offerings, and some are all-inclusive.If you’re looking for something specific, you can find a theater near you by visiting www.mnt.com/cinema.Some of the best movies and shows to go to in the summertime include:• Bambi: The Musical• The Dark Knight Rises• The LEGO […]