How to watch Bay Park’s new film, ‘The Girl Who Left Home’ (Vimeo)

Bay Park Cinema has just announced its latest release, The Girl Who Leashed Home, a coming-of-age tale starring Elizabeth Banks.Set in a remote British village, the film follows the story of a young woman who moves to a remote rural house in the middle of nowhere.After a brief stint as a housekeeper, she’s sent on a mysterious mission to investigate […]

How to watch your movies in Linway cinema

If you’re going to watch a movie at Linway, you’re better off getting there early and planning ahead.There are several screenings in the downtown area of New York City each night, including the popular The Lion King.Here are some tips for getting there.1.Get there early Linway’s movies are only available for a limited number of seats, so if you’re not […]

How to take advantage of this huge Microsoft deal in India with a free Microsoft Store app

Microsoft has announced it will offer a free online store to Indians for the first time in 2018.The Indian government has also decided to create an app store for Indians.The announcement comes a day after the UK government announced it would start to offer free online video service on its platforms.Microsoft also announced its own app store in India earlier […]

How to make the best festival cinema in the city

The best festival cinemas in the metro area are all in West Bend.Here’s how to make them.Mumbai: Mughal-era Indian theatres are the stars of Mumbai’s festival cinema, and the city’s premier venue.Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai: Maughan-era India theatres have always been the stars, and are the ones that have inspired the best Indian film makers.The old-fashioned theatre, known as the Mughals, […]