How to watch films at 4D at home

I was looking for a new home theater system for my home theater, and I came across this article on Silverspot Cinema.The article states that the Silverspots are capable of 4D.I thought that I might want to check it out, so I bought one.I’ve always wanted to try the 4D system, and the Silberspot Cinema seems to be the best […]

How a man with a heart of gold was saved from a life-threatening situation

The man who saved a woman from a car crash while riding in a motorcycle was a “true hero” who “saved a life” according to her. Kurt Jørgensen, who was in the passenger seat of the vehicle, was travelling home from a party when he spotted a cyclist driving on a cycle lane at high speed.The cyclist, who had just passed […]

Why are you seeing more and more VR games that are entirely on the PC?

We’re seeing more VR game development in PC-centric studios than ever before.Some of these are huge hit titles that were developed on consoles.Others, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, are already available on PC.But a large number of smaller titles are also releasing on the platform.In fact, the PC is now the dominant platform for PC gaming, […]