How to watch your favourite films online without a cable subscription

Bakersfield’s smitty’s Cinemas baker’sfield is the only local cinema in California to offer a Netflix subscription.However, they’re only available to people who’ve signed up for the service.The smitty was opened on Saturday, November 20th, and it has been selling out.The cinema, which is owned by the Smitty’s family, also runs a cafe and bookshop.It’s a huge deal for the family, […]

Black cinema movie stars ‘totally not racist’ – TVGuide

Black cinema has had a rough time of late, with films including ‘Ragtime’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ failing to make the top 100 in box office.Now, the black cinema movie is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, with many viewers accusing the likes of ‘Rags to Riches’ and its ‘Racism 101’ lessons being used to justify discrimination.The trailer for […]

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema to reopening at Regal cinemases in London

Blackmagic is to reopen its cinemas in London in the coming months after nearly 50 years of closure.The iconic Regal cinema chain will reopen its theatres in the capital’s Regal Park on Thursday.Regal said the reopening would coincide with the opening of a new Blackmagic Cinema in Regal’s Regent Park, which will open next year.“Blackmagic is thrilled to be able […]