How to watch Gardner’s latest movie: ‘It’s not about the film’

Gardner Cinemas has confirmed it will be screening the upcoming film ‘Gardner’s’ after the studio confirmed on Tuesday it will release it on Friday, March 21.The film, based on the best-selling book by Robert Gardner, will see the famous Irish actor reprise his role as Gardner in the first film of the trilogy which sees the legendary actor starring alongside […]

Which movie theaters are worth your cash?

Regal Cinemas stock: The theater chain’s stock has soared, from $1.26 per share at the end of September to a new high of $1,266 per share today.The stock has also risen in value over the last few days. The stock rose by 25.8% in the past 24 hours to $1 (adjusted for currency) or more than $7 billion, making it the largest […]

Which is the best-loved movie on the internet?

The latest episode of Fox Peak Cinema is the third best-viewed movie of all time.But if you want to go back to watching movies as a kid, that’s the least favorite of the six films that are ranked.The best-rated movie is, of course, Toy Story 3, but the best viewed movie is The Hangover Part III.That is, if you watch […]

The crypto gold rush is about to start with Eddies Cinema!

The crypto Gold Rush is now just around the corner.The first two weeks of the year is going to be full of excitement for everyone and we are about to see it from the very start.Crypto Gold Rush has already been around for over a year now and we expect to see the biggest boom for it to be in […]