How to install Netflix on your iPad or iPhone

Download Netflix on Apple devices for Mac and Linux users on a Mac or Linux computer or Mac or Windows PC.To do this, go to Settings > Applications > Netflix and select “Restart your Mac or PC.”In Settings, you’ll find an option for “Restore system settings” and “Restores system data.”The last option to “Restoring system data” is “Restored system data […]

How to watch the World Cup 2019

Blackmagic Cinema Camera has released the official list of movies available at its premiere cinema in Rivertown, Lubbock Texas.The list, which includes a few classic favorites including, the last three World Cup films, and several brand new titles, is available for pre-order at the Blackmagic cinema from December 3rd through January 5th.In total, there are four different movie selections available […]

How to use your favourite Netflix movie app to watch your favourite films in theaters and at home

When I first tried Netflix I was intrigued by the new, much-talked-about service, but was a bit wary about what it could offer to me.As an avid movie buff, I’ve spent years using Netflix, but its been frustrating to say the least.Since its launch in 2013, I have not been able to watch films that I want to, I simply […]

How to watch a game from the comfort of your couch

The Stanley Cup playoffs have taken their toll on the NHL’s marketing and sales departments.The league is no longer able to play its games at any venue it chooses.And it may be too late to stop this trend.According to a new report from the Canadian Media Research Group, the NHL has lost about $9 million a year in revenue since […]

How to watch the film of the year at cinema cafe Edinburgh

Movie-goers in Edinburgh can now stream the latest film on their Netflix account from any of the city’s cinema cafes.The service was launched earlier this month and is now available across the city.The app, which was created by the Edinburgh Film Festival, lets users log into their Netflix accounts to view and watch the films they want.The company says users […]

Irish cinemas to boost opening week with holiday weekend games

Irish cinemans will be able to celebrate their summer with a few festive games, with some new offerings being added to their offerings.Ireland’s largest cinema chain Cinemark has confirmed that its Irish-language channels will return to the schedule, and will have a “family friendly” theme to the holiday season.The news comes just days after the operator’s Irish language channel was […]

Movie theater chain in Nashville is suing over its policy banning transgender customers

Two days after the theater chain Evans Cinemas in Nashville was ordered to remove a policy that banned customers who identify as transgender from using the women’s bathroom, the theater owner says it is now considering litigation.The decision by the state Board of Equalization to revoke the permit is not the end of the saga, said Chris Evans, president of […]

How to find a good movie at the cinema

When it comes to the world’s best cinema chains, there is no competition in terms of quality.However, you need to know what you want to see and how to find the best.The question is, which of these films are best for your budget?Here we have compiled a list of the best films for your viewing pleasure.What’s your favourite film?Which film […]

How to find a good movie theatre in the UK

We’ve got a long list of the best movie theatres in the world, but what if you wanted to watch a movie at a different location, or for different reasons?With a little digging, we’ve found out a little more about the best cinemas in the country.We’ve rounded up some of the top UK movie theatresses, from the best to the […]

What’s new at cinemas in Australia?

When it comes to Australian cinema, Camelot Cinemas has got its eye on a major step forward.It’s been given permission to open three cinemas across Sydney’s CBD in what it calls the ‘new cinema experience’.The decision to allow Camelot cinemases is a huge win for the film industry and one that will see it open up the Australian market to […]