What happens when you bring back a film that was filmed in England, but never made it to North America?

This week, Paramount released a trailer for the upcoming sci-fi movie The Last Emperor that was made in Britain.The film stars Liam Neeson as Emperor Palpatine, played by Matt Damon.The movie follows a group of citizens from the planet Jedha who travel to the far reaches of space to stop the invasion of a new alien race.The film has been […]

The world’s best independent cinema festival: A look at the best films from around the world

Smithfield is a sleepy town in central New South Wales, but the city is full of festivals and it has been a favourite for years.Here’s a look at some of the best festivals in Australia, from one city to the next.Smithfield Festival of New South, New South Wollongong, NSW – 5.5 stars This year’s festival takes place in the heart […]