What’s your favourite ’80s flick? – MTV News

A list of the top 10 movies from the ’80’s.1.The Last Days of Disco – The Rolling Stones (1979) 2.Back to the Future Part II – Marty McFly (1985) 3.It’s a Mad, Mad, & Miserable World – The Cars (1976) 4.Back in Time – The Wizard of Oz (1939) 5.The Terminator – The Shining (1980) 6.The Adventures of Tintin – […]

A film that makes you think about the world’s problems

A new documentary, A Conversation With God, looks at a topic that has fascinated Christians since the days of the New Testament: the rise of atheistic religions in the Middle East.In its first season, the documentary explores the rise and fall of some of the worlds most prominent atheists, and offers a glimpse into the minds of people who have […]

Roadhouse has a great new concept for its ‘roadhouse cinema’ concept

TUCSON, Australia — Roadhouse Cinemas has a new concept concept for their upcoming film festival, which will feature some of Australia’s best known street performers.The theme of the festival, The Roadhouse Cinema, will be “roadhouse and street”.The film festival is part of Roadhouse Media’s ongoing efforts to expand into the world of international cinema, and is a joint venture between […]