Which movies have been shown to critics and which haven’t?

The latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine contains an article that explains which movies have shown to Hollywood critics, and which ones haven’t.The article is titled, “Which movies have made critics’ lists?”The article lists eight films that have appeared on critics’ “review lists,” which have received awards and nominations for their work.Among the other titles on the list are […]

Which Irish movie will be the best of the decade?

Posted March 06, 2018 14:08:22With so many great Irish movies coming out in 2018, what should you be watching?The top 10 Irish movies of 2018The top ten Irish movies that will blow you awayThis article was originally published in The Irish Independent, March 06, 2017.

Royal cinemas ‘further improve’ app for poolers

The Royal Cinemas of Australia says it is continuing to improve its free app for people looking to book a cinema room at the moment.The app, which was launched last week, lets poolers check out the movie selection, set up a reservation and book a seat.“The Royal Cinemases of Australia is committed to supporting the needs of our poolers and […]