What happens when you bring back a film that was filmed in England, but never made it to North America?

This week, Paramount released a trailer for the upcoming sci-fi movie The Last Emperor that was made in Britain.The film stars Liam Neeson as Emperor Palpatine, played by Matt Damon.The movie follows a group of citizens from the planet Jedha who travel to the far reaches of space to stop the invasion of a new alien race.The film has been […]

The world’s best independent cinema festival: A look at the best films from around the world

Smithfield is a sleepy town in central New South Wales, but the city is full of festivals and it has been a favourite for years.Here’s a look at some of the best festivals in Australia, from one city to the next.Smithfield Festival of New South, New South Wollongong, NSW – 5.5 stars This year’s festival takes place in the heart […]

What’s your favourite ’80s flick? – MTV News

A list of the top 10 movies from the ’80’s.1.The Last Days of Disco – The Rolling Stones (1979) 2.Back to the Future Part II – Marty McFly (1985) 3.It’s a Mad, Mad, & Miserable World – The Cars (1976) 4.Back in Time – The Wizard of Oz (1939) 5.The Terminator – The Shining (1980) 6.The Adventures of Tintin – […]

A film that makes you think about the world’s problems

A new documentary, A Conversation With God, looks at a topic that has fascinated Christians since the days of the New Testament: the rise of atheistic religions in the Middle East.In its first season, the documentary explores the rise and fall of some of the worlds most prominent atheists, and offers a glimpse into the minds of people who have […]

Roadhouse has a great new concept for its ‘roadhouse cinema’ concept

TUCSON, Australia — Roadhouse Cinemas has a new concept concept for their upcoming film festival, which will feature some of Australia’s best known street performers.The theme of the festival, The Roadhouse Cinema, will be “roadhouse and street”.The film festival is part of Roadhouse Media’s ongoing efforts to expand into the world of international cinema, and is a joint venture between […]

Why is this the most popular movie theatre in Brighton?

Cinema theaters are a great way to see new films and a great place to catch up on old favorites.But they’re also a little pricey.Here are the best ways to get into the city for less than the usual price of a ticket.The Brighton Cinema Theatre Brighton is an iconic venue in Brighton.It’s one of Brighton’s most famous venues and […]

How to watch your favourite movies in LA Cinemas

The cinema experience in LA is about to get a big boost thanks to a new program.Marquee Cinemas is launching a free, weekly, on-demand movie-watching service, called MARQUEE, on Tuesday.The service, which will run through the end of May, will allow people to watch movies from their phone, tablet, and computer without ever leaving their homes.The service will be available […]

How a New Movie Became an Icon for Hollywood

The movie industry has long had a history of cultural appropriation and has a longstanding tradition of making movies based on popular culture.But in 2017, the cultural appropriation of a popular movie and the media attention that came with it began to come under scrutiny.The story of How to Train Your Dragon 2 was a case in point.The film’s original […]

The best films in Germany in 2017

The best film of 2017 is coming to cinemas in Germany.In the weeks ahead, cinemas across the country will open a wide selection of classic German films.A selection of films by Wolfgang Herzog, Fritz Lang and others are due to open in cinemas on May 13.The best films are all set to become available to go home with on May […]

NBA: Warriors’ Andrew Bogut’s ‘gut-level’ injury will be “a lot”

Andrew Boguts torn ACL, MCL and PCL.He has missed the past four games.The Warriors’ All-Star point guard was a late scratch against the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday, but his injury will not be considered a setback.“He’s in good spirits, so we’ll see how he reacts to the rest of the game,” coach Steve Kerr said.“I don’t think we’re concerned […]