The Nightmare Cinema Cafe: Here’s Where To Find The Best Roo 10 Cinemas

I’ve seen the Nightmare Cinema Cinema Cafe and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’ve been craving some delicious food and a night out in Edinburgh.They’re located at the back of the main cinema theatre, behind the food court and behind the bar, and offer a variety of local eats, drinks and snacks for every taste.For those who are in […]

How to use a blackmagic Cinema Camera in 2016

A few years ago, I wrote a post that focused on how you can get some really nice low-light photos with a Cinema Camera.The article was inspired by this video, from the Blackmagic Cinema camera site, which showed a great video of a black-and-white film stills taken with a Canon EF mount.I’ve used this method before, but it’s still pretty […]

Why is the Edinburgh film festival getting a major boost?

Edinburgh film festivals are receiving a major shake-up as a new generation of films are arriving to the city’s screens.Cinemas will be able to host more films this year, but the main focus will be on the films of the new generation.The Edinburgh Film Festival (EFF) announced on Thursday it would bring back the Edinburgh Cinema Festival in 2019 and […]

India: What movie is missing from the list?

A number of films and TV shows have been left off the list of Indian films and shows that will be available on the internet on September 15.The National Council of Film Certification has approved the list in a move that has seen many popular Hindi films including Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Aarathi’, Salman Khan’s Shah Rukhan: King of Kings and […]

When the world’s biggest movie stars come together for a movie theater screening

When I first got to meet Oscar Pistorius, I was surprised to learn that he wasn’t a movie star, but that he was a sports fanatic.He had a tattoo on his right forearm, a sign of his devotion to the sport he loves.Pistorius has been in prison since his trial on charges of murder and attempted murder in the 2012 […]

The best new films from 2017 – The Times Of India

The Times India today reported that the best-selling films of 2017 had been released on December 10 and the best new titles had been screened on December 9.The report said that the top 10 films released on the first day of December 2017 were “Blackfish” (2017), “The Martian” (2018), “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2019), “Moonlight” (2020), “Star Wars: The Force […]

Which movies should you see at your next cinema?

Cinemas are the best places to watch movies, but they can be intimidating for newbies, too.Here’s our guide to finding the best cinemas for you, as well as the best way to see movies at your local cinema.The biggest challenge is finding a good spot to sit down for the first time, and we’ve rounded up some of the best […]

When the Saints were just a side, they were an icon – here are five moments that made them stand out

Christian Pulisic scored two goals as the Saints beat Manchester City to advance to the Champions League quarter-finals on Saturday.The Polish striker, 21, was playing for Borussia Dortmund, a side that had won two consecutive European titles, when his goal came after Christian Pulissic had been fouled by Sergio Aguero.It was a goal that, according to a BBC Sport analysis, […]

Why do you like to watch movies at the theater?

The majority of moviegoers are watching movies at home, and the vast majority of people are watching them in the theater.But the majority of movies are actually being played at the movies, which is where it starts to become a little bit complicated.Here are the basics of how movies are being played in the home, by the people playing them.1.The […]

How to avoid ‘bald-faced’ video cinema locations

How to be safe while watching movies in Australia’s big four big four video rental chains, Prime Video, Vudu and Netflix, are among the most common places to get into trouble for people who look different, according to research released today.The ABC found a fifth of all Australians had an online video-rental account with a password that allowed access to […]